Twootz Berry Fat Feasts

Twootz Berry Fat Feasts

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Cereals, suet, calcium, oils, fats, minerals and berries.

Product Details

Suet is a pure refined fat, and a good source of concentrated energy food for wild birds. Suitable for both adults and fledglings, suet can be fed all year round as it helps the birds through nesting, breeding, rearing as well as arming them for the cold winter months.

Twootz Berry Fat Feasts are made from a blend of suet, calcium and berries, making these suet treats appeal to a wide range of wild birds and providing them with a high energy food source in a handy block.

Twootz Berry Fat Feasts will attract an array of birds such as robins, finches, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, starlings, siskins, nuthatches and tits.

These suet blocks contain a mix of suet and berries to tickle the taste buds of all wild birds. Feed from a purpose made fat feast feeder that can be hung in your bird's favourite feeding spot, or directly from the bird table.

These Twootz Fat Feasts are the result of a trial production run utilising an alternative all natural, EU permitted colourant which has resulted in a rather deeper red colouration than was anticipated.

There are a limited number of these available at a very good price, get them while you can.

4 Customer Reviews

Shirley commented on 2018-04-25 14:31:14 and rated Twootz Berry Fat Feasts 12pk as "Very Good"

These are great value and the birds could not get enough of these during the recent cold spell.

LIZA commented on 2018-02-27 15:34:24 and rated Twootz Berry Fat Feasts 48pk as "Very Good"

The Rooks really loved these the starlings who eat all twootz products did not seem to like them so much I think it was because they were harder especially as the snow and freeze came in this week ... but smaller birds seemed happy enough to nibble... my starlings especially like the utterly peanut butter and coconut feeds .. spoiled they are! If the Rooks are happy I'm happy! Given the reduced price I'd buy again despite over zealous dye used in product!

Susan commented on 2018-02-21 15:57:37 and rated Twootz Berry Fat Feasts 12pk as "Very Good"

Finally I have found something that the birds love but the squirrels don't. A welcome surprise bonus

Keith commented on 2018-01-31 17:24:40 and rated Twootz Berry Fat Feasts 48pk as "Very Good"

I bought these as the starlings go through one a day in spring. They still love them even in the winter. (I think they are colour blind!)

The colour seems to make no difference but getting them at half price does matter to me - well worth it.

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