Black Sunflower Seeds

Black Sunflower Seeds for Birds

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Black Sunflower

Product Details

Black Sunflower Seeds are premium quality and specially selected to appeal to a wide range of wild birds. With their high natural oil content, vitamins and minerals they are an ideal concentrated source of energy and protein to help wild birds through demanding times.

Black Sunflower should ideally be fed from suitably placed Seed Feeders but may also be fed from bird tables or the ground.

2 Customer Reviews

Chris commented on 2014-11-14 15:38:29 and rated Black Sunflower 25 kg as "Average"

Although a little dirty, the price was very attractive.

steve commented on 2014-10-30 18:19:34 and rated Black Sunflower 12.55 kg as "Average"

While the seed was of good quality there is a lot of dust and husk which spoils the appearance perhaps this was an end of line package which at times is unavoidable.

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