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About Twootz is your online provider of quality and low-priced bird feeds, bird seed and wild bird food supplies, as well as a variety of bird feeders. We are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and service the entire UK. Also, across most of our product lines we can provide bulk purchase options, ideal for helping a group of friends provide for more birds in multiple gardens.

To complement our range of wild bird foods, is proud to announce that we have now added small animal feeds to our online collection of high quality goods. The available feeds cover parrot, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, rat, squirrel, ferret, as well as pond and tropical fish food. likes to support animal and wildlife charities, so if you have anything you wish us to promote via our blog or web pages, please send details to for consideration.

Blue Tit Feeding On Hand

Wild Birds in the British Isles

There are 574 varieties of British wild birds in the British Isles according to the British Ornithologists Union (BOU) and with a growing population of Human Beings and around 8000 domestic cats, we need to take good care of our feathered friends.

It is very important that if you are feeding wild birds, that you assess your surroundings and the likely dangers that birds could be exposed to. In essence, it is useful to put yourself in the position of a wild bird and consider how you would feel if you were landing on the bird table, feeder or bird bath that has been placed in your garden. Consider if a cat or other animal could attack the bird, based on your positioning of these feeders and/or tables etc. Enjoy the facts and useful tips.

Birds Feeding On Fat Balls

Urban Birds Study By The University Of Birmingham is proudly sponsoring the 'Urban Birds Study' conducted by the University of Birmingham, which is looking at how the levels of connected tree cover and built land cover affect the movement patterns of common garden birds such as Dunnock, Great Tit, Robin, Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit and Coal Tit. As part of the study, we are carrying out a programme of mist netting which involves the temporary installation of fine nets set between poles to catch birds in flight. Once caught a lightweight, uniquely numbered, metal ring is fitted onto a bird's leg by licensed handlers. These standard British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) rings provide a reliable and harmless method of identifying birds when they are encountered again.

Urban Birds Study Sponsored By

This year birds are also being fitted with small, brightly coloured rings to enable identification by study stie and we are asking your help to record birds seen wearing coloured rings. We will then be able to find out how far these birds move around the country.

So if you see a colour ringed bird in your garden or whilst out and about then please email us ( the following: bird species, ring colour, time, date and sighting location.