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Fat Balls for Birds - Original Flavour Fatballs

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Cereals, oil, fat, flour, black sunflower seeds, kibbled corn maize, minerals and mix seeds.

Product Details

Standard or Original Flavour Fat Balls are blended in the UK from all-natural suet, calcium and sunflower seeds to provide a wide range of wild birds a high energy food source.

The high quality ingredients range from locally sourced wheat, corn, and high quality beef fat; making these a source of energy to help wild birds keep fit and active during the harsh conditions of winter to the demanding breeding season of spring and early summer.

Standard Fat Balls additionally benefit from added natural calcium to help wild birds maintain healthy bones and eggs.

The most common method of feeding fat balls is to place them in specially made Fat Ball feeders. Alternatively, you could place whole or broken Fat Balls directly on the ground, bird tables or broken up and mixed with other Seed Mixes to make a more nutritious food source.

Customer Notice

Please note, occasionally (due to carriage and the fragile nature of the product) it can be common for up to 10% of fat balls to be broken at the bottom of the box, but don't worry as the birds still eat them all the same.

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