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Berry Fat Balls are an all-natural blend of beef fat, wheat, sunflower seeds, calcium and wild berries sourced in the UK, where possible, to provide a high energy and nutritious food source for a wide variety of wild birds.

All the ingredients used for the Fatballs are sourced from reputable local, national UK and international suppliers and are subject to strict quality controls to ensure suitability and quality.

The fat in these fat balls is graded as the highest food grade and is packed with energy to help wild birds during demanding times. The wheat is from local growers and is particularly attractive to the declining Houseparrow as well as many other species.

A natural source of calcium is added to berry fat balls to provide wild birds with a means to maintain healthy bones and eggs.

Finally quality wild berries are added to enhance the fatballs with natural sugars to give a quick boost to the energy provided by the fat.

Berry Fat Balls are most commonly fed using specially made Fat Ball Feeders. Another method is to break up the fat balls and feed directly from the ground, on bird tables, or mixed with other foods such as Peanuts or Seed Mixes.

These Fat Balls are suitable for all year round feeding and will help a wide variety of wild birds survive through harsh Winters, and busy Spring/Summer breeding seasons in particular.

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