Testimonials (Latest 10)

We have ordered peanuts from Twootz a few times now and are impressed with the company in every way. The quality of the product is good and the price excellent. Ordering is straightforward and having used customer service a couple of times have found them very helpful and efficient. Highly recommend to others.

Gillian Harding from N. Devon

The Dried Mealworms is a great product that the birds, and hedgehogs, in my garden go crazy for. Just wish they did not blow off bird table when its windy!!

A better price than most shops as no idea why these are so expensive- should be given away as no-one likes them except the wildlife!

Elaine Bamford from West Yorkshire

The starlings weren't sure where the coconut shell had come from, but it's been very amusing watching them perched on top and then hanging on virtually upside down trying to get every last morsel from within the shell. It's been fascinating to watch the birds scrapping over who's going next to feed, and the aerial combats as they chase each other off. Interestingly, it's been the fledglings which have been chasing the adults off more often than not.

The peanut butter has gone down a treat and is polished off in no time. It's been funny watching the birds closely examining the empty shell before I've had a chance to refill this in the morning. This tub isn't going to last long that's for sure!!

Elaine Crook from Lancashire

Our garden birds love these suet pellets so much that it's hard to keep the feeders topped up. I've also tried putting some on the ground for the robins and blackbirds but unfortunately one of our cats is also partial to them!

Glenys Reid from Northamptonshire

The small birds go mad for these sunflower hearts. I get every kind of Tits visit plus several kinds of finches. The usual sparrows and ground feeders pick up all the hearts that fall from the feeders so there is very little mess and no weed growth around the feeders. Highy recommend Twootz for bird food, and the prices are much better than the local garden centres etc especially buying larger amounts.

John Benfield from Leicestershire

Excellent. I ordered meal worm fat balls. I have never seen so many birds in my garden they fight over them ! They also love small broken bits that I put on the bird stand and mix with seed. The delivery is quick and the packaging is excellent.

Deborah Wilcox from Birmingham

I have been buying these insect suet pellets since the start of the year and can honestly say that I have yet to find a better supplier the birds hoover them from the lawn as I scatter these tried all kinds of feeders but find scattering them and putting the fat balls on the table the best way for me and the birds all get a look in use about half a kilo a day but worth every penny to see the wild life thrive.

Gerard Preston from West Sussex

I always buy my Niger seed from Twoots. It is always clean and free from husks and in the Autumn as soon as we put it in the feeder the Goldfinches arrive. We have more than a dozen of them. Big family group arguing and pushing each other to get to the seed. It is such a pleasure to watch them. Don't know how they know when we start filling the feeder but they are here within minutes.. A treat for them and for us too.

Brenda Osborne from Pembrokeshire

Excellent product. High quality suet pellets which are extremely popular with the birds and animals that visit our garden. Always the first to be taken from the bird tables. Attract Tits, Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Stoats and Hedgehogs, just a few of the visitors who have been seen with these pellets in their beaks and mouths! No waste.

Bernadette Swinney from Northumberland

I have bought from Twootz for quite a few years now and have found their products are of a very good standard and very good prices. I shop a great deal online and have found Twootz products are as described and they continually have offers and good deals.

What has impressed me greatly however, is that over the years as mistakes in packaging and with carriers, that do happen with online shopping, every single conversation about problems I have had, have always been resolved with efficiency and a professional approach to customers by staff. I have had e.mail conversations, live chats and telephone conversations with a variety of office staff, and each one had the same positive and friendly approach. I am retired now but in my professional career I would have been proud to have staff that had such good customer facing skills as Twootz has.

Patricia Warren from Carmarthenshire