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Snow Tits

Date: 2018-03-01 12:14:15 | Category: Bird Feeding | Author: David Cole
A good tapping for the Tits!

Well, at last it arrived – the much predicted snow in my part of the country, and I wondered how birdlovers ‘up north’ – where they really have had some rough old weather have been coping – and importantly how their feathered friends have fared.

Imagine how you would feel if lunch had just been served and suddenly the dining room table vanished under inches of cold white stuff!

Snow Tits

The fat balls in our feeders fare pretty well – a couple of taps and they are clear, but the seed on the tables is soon covered – the birds are wary of any new structures on the tables which while they may have been carefully designed to prevent a covering of snow always look pretty suspicious – so why not share any good ideas though the TWOOTZ website?

………and don’t forget the water – a frozen dish of ice is not a lot of good – regularly replaced water with something floating in it – a small ball works well and will last in an unfrozen state for longer.