Utterly Peanut Butterly
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Utterly Peanut Butterly Peanut Butter For Wild Birds

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Peanuts, Cereals, Oils & Fats, Minerals, Seeds

Product Details

Utterley Nutterly Products Ltd bring to you an innovative new peanut product for the feeding of wild birds, Utterley Peanut Butterly.

Utterley Peanut Butterly is formulated using completely natural ingredients expertly blended to produce a high energy, highly digestible, extremely versatile product the uses of which are only limited by your ingenuity. Utterley Peanut Butterly is a soft, paste like product that can be moulded by hand, without creating a mess, and used in any number of ways such as made into extra high energy fatballs, spread in rough tree bark, holes in trees, into empty fat trays or jars. An ideal method is to use it to refill any used empty coconut halves you have and a 5 kg bucket of Utterley Peanut Butterly will fill a coconut half approximately 25 times, or more depending on the size of the coconut half saving you having to buy new filled coconut halves and saving the empty shells from needing to be thrown away – great for the environment and your pocket.

As the name suggests Utterley Peanut Butterly is made with peanuts blended with beef fat, vegetable oil, cereals and seeds to appeal to a wide range of wild birds. Its soft paste like texture makes it an ideal feedstuff for all year round as it has a high energy content but more importantly is extremely digestible keeping birds in tip top condition..

All the ingredients used for Utterley Peanut Butterly are sourced from reputable local, national UK and international suppliers and are subject to strict quality controls to ensure suitability and quality.

The fat in Utterley Peanut Butterly is of the highest food grade and is packed with energy to help wild birds during demanding times. The peanuts are tested aflatoxin safe with no added salt. The cereals and seeds are from local growers, where possible and should appeal many species of wild bird.

Utterley Peanut Butterly is most easily fed by refilling empty coconut halves, spread into holes in trees or on rough tree bark, or made into high energy fatballs for feeding from your fatball feeders but can be used in any way to suit your requirements.

Once used up the jars can be refilled from one of our other Utterly Peanut Butterly products; 2.5kg bucket, 5kg bucket or 15kg box.

Utterley Peanut Butterly is suitable for all year round feeding and will help a wide variety of wild birds survive through harsh Winters, and busy Spring/Summer breeding seasons in particular.

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