House Sparrow
Scientific NamePasser domesticus
Fledge Days15-17
Incubation Days13-15
Lifespan3 years
Number of Clutches2-3
Number of Eggs4-5
Size14 - 15cm

Bird Family : Sparrows

House Sparrow Facts - Information About House Sparrow

House Sparrow - Passer Domesticus

The House Sparrow is still a relatively common garden bird even though numbers have decreased in recent years. The House Sparrow is at home in the garden unlike its brother the Tree Sparrow which is found exclusively in more rural locations.



  • The House Sparrow is very common British breeding resident.

  • Sexes have different plumages.

  • House Sparrows are small stocky birds,15cm in length.

  • Male

  • Tail, back and wings are a chestnut brown with heavy black (and grey) streaking, rump is grey.

  • The wing also shows a single white wingbar at the shoulder.

  • Head has a grey crown, chestnut sides and greyish cheeks and black lores.

  • The stout bill is black, chin, throat and upper breast is black, looking like a bib.

  • Underparts are dirty grey and the undertail coverts are pale.


  • The females are a lot duller than the males, the upperparts are similar but the head has dull browny-grey crown, grey cheeks, buffy eyestripe behind the eye and lacks the males black bib.

  • The shoulder wingbar is dull brown/straw coloured.

  • Underparts are identical to the males.

  • Bill, eye black, legs brown.


  • Juveniles appear from April onwards and look similar to adult females, they tend to look cleaner and show a more distinct eyestripe.

  • Bill and eye black, legs brown.

Status and Distribution

The House Sparrow is a very abundant breeding resident in the UK with over 12 million pairs. It occurs in all counties throughout the UK and Ireland.


House Sparrows occur in all habitat types throughout the UK, woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland, hedgerows, towns and cities, indeed any open country habitat with suitable scrub.
In the garden House Sparrows will take Seed Mixes, Fat Balls , scraps, Suet, Berries,



The following food is favoured by House Sparrow

Insect Suet Pellets

Insect Suet Pellets

117 941
Wild Bird Original

Wild Bird Original

179 713