Sharing Suet Blocks

Date: 2018-09-13 14:00:53 | Category: Bird Feeding | Author: David Cole
The tit family are really keen on the suet blocks supplied by Twootz – my blue tits are unable to wait until all of the packaging is off!

In some years we see a distinct falling off of the visitors to our bird feeding stations in summer around our Sussex garden – but not this year. The dry hot weather has meant that many of the summer berries are small and seed heads just dry husks, so our resident populations have kept up a constant demand.

Suet Blocks

Another feature of this summer has been the seemingly more tolerant attitudes among the smaller birds with different species sharing the table without the usual squabbles.

The high fat content of many bird foods has brought it own problems with some foods getting soft in the hot sun – so a bit of adjustment to the bird tables is needed with some shade being provided and don’t forget the regularly filled water containers.