Creepy Sounds by Tony

Date: 2013-05-10 10:56:28 | Category: Bird Watching | Author: Twootz Customer
It was two in the morning and the moon was full. I was behind enemy lines. The streaks of mud on my body helped to conceal me. I had to be very careful. A false move could attract unwelcomed visitors.

I moved very slowly towards an unfamiliar creepy sound of something unearthly just in front of me. As I approached the sound I got the distinct feeling that whatever was making that racket was something that I'd never seen before.

Just as I raised my head to see what it was, a cloud passed over the moon and everything went as black as a tomb.

When the cloud had passed by I raised my head. Whatever the creature was it had gone. I slowly crawled back to my hideout.

It's getting dangerous here. It's time I made my way back to safety. I crawled on my belly for what seemed an eternity.

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. I was back. I raised my tired body but it was no use. I was done for. I fell asleep and eventually awoke feeling refreshed and ready for the new day. I looked up at the sky. It was a bit cloudy but at least it wasn't raining.

Suddenly something passed across the sun. The shadow it cast was here and gone in an instant. It wasn't a cloud; it was something more menacing. I froze. Just as I started to relax I heard that sound again. The same sound that I heard the previous night.

My blood ran cold. What made things worse was that I couldn't see anything. Just a short distance away from me was a near neighbour. He didn't seem particularly perturbed. He'd just arrived home after doing some food shopping.

He and his wife have got two little mouths to feed. They're their first children and they're hoping for loads more.

My brother arrived and came to sit with me, he asked me what was wrong, and I told him. Just as I'd finished telling him all about my experiences over the last 12 hours or so, a rushing sound filled my ears and that was it.

I'd been grabbed from above. I looked up, into the face of ... a Sparrow Hawk. I shouted across to my neighbour who didn't seem too worried. Why should he?

I looked up again and saw the Hawk lift its head, open its beak and plunge that beak down onto me.

I woke in a cold sweat. "Carol" I shouted, "I've just had a very weird dream."

"Get up and come to the window. Just look at what in our garden. A Sparrow Hawk has just grabbed a Sparrow".