Something Unusual

Date: 2014-05-23 11:21:15 | Category: Bird Watching | Author: Neill Hunt

Rare birds are rare, common birds are common, or so they say!
Is it possible to have a rare common bird?
Well, maybe, and if we do this is a great candidate.
Sedge Warblers are a common breeding migrant, they spend the summer in the UK and winter south of the Sahara in Africa.

Leucistic Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warblers are usually very vocal and due to this easy to find and see, however the plumage of the bird provides great camouflage should it be needed.......except for this one!!!!!

Leucism is fairly common in the bird world but, this is the first warbler I've seen which has it to this extent. The lack of pigment within the bird produces the pale feathers, in this extreme case, white, It's not a albino as the eye is not pink, legs are dark and bill is normal, there are some darker feathers present as you can see.

Leucistic Sedge Warbler

Leucism is also known as 'dilute albinism' and I can see why when looking at this cracker.
It has been present at Marshside RSPB in Lancs for a couple of weeks and is showing off to the birders that stand to admire its peculiar plumage.......I wonder how long it will be till a passing Sparrowhawk notices its peculiar plumage too!!

So....this 'Common' Sedge warbler is indeed 'rare', can you count it as a species?, No!
I've seen a lot of birds in the UK and throughout the world, but this is the first 'white' Sedge Warbler I've ever seen, a true freak, but boy oh boy, doesn't it look stunning?

Leucistic Sedge Warbler