A Northumberland Bird Watching Experience

Date: 2012-08-09 15:04:28 | Category: Twootz News | Author: Twootz Staff
In July 2012 we spent a week in Beadnell on the coast of Northumberland.

The village is close to a large colony of Arctic Terns which flew continuously over the holiday cottage we stayed in. The cottage had a great view of Beadnell bay and many birds were seen from the balcony including Heron, Arctic Tern, Common Tern, Eider, Redshank, Gannet, and several garden birds including Song Thrush, Linnet, Blackbird, Goldfinch, House Sparrow and Great Tit.

For much of the time the weather inland was dreadful but thankfully the coast stayed dry for virtually the whole week with a good few days offering sunshine.. This was good for butterflies and the dunes and meadows were well explored especially around Bamburgh. Species seen included small heath, common blue, holly blue, dark green fritillary, small tortoiseshell and red admiral.

A Northumberland Bird Watching Experience

Just off the coast from Seahouses, two miles north of Beadnell is the Farne Islands, which is one of the most spectacular areas in the UK for bird watching, especially during the nesting season. We took a tour on one of the boats, an unforgettable experience to see more birds than I have perhaps seen in the past 5 years!

On the trip out groups of Gannets flew very close to the boat, and as we got further from the shore many species were seen in much bigger numbers. Puffins, Razorbills, Guillimots, Cormorants, Kittiwakes and several species of Gulls and Terns. Common Terns were numerous, as were Arctic Terns and nesting on one of the Islands was a large flock of Sandwich Terns.

Once out there among the Islands it was impossible to know which way to look or point the camera as Puffins, Guillimots, Razorbills and Cormorant floated alongside the boat whilst Terns and Gannets screeched overhead diving in for fish...and then there was the Islands themselves with thousands of nesting birds. I can't wait to return next Summer and go out on the boat to the Farnes!!