Brazil Nuts

Whole and Split Brazil Nuts

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Brazil Nuts.

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Brazil Nuts are an excellent source of energy for wild birds due to the high unsaturated fat and protein content and can be used as a peanut substitute. They also contain a range of vitamins, most notably Selenium, minerals and amino acids which help keep wild birds healthy. These can be fed on bird tables, on the ground or in nut feeders and are ideal to feed to wild birds to help prepare them for the winter months.

They are probably best fed from nut feeders during the breeding season to prevent the risk of young chicks choking or broken up in some way to make the pieces smaller.

A note regarding Brazil Nuts and Squirrels; Brazil Nuts are generally ok to feed to squirrels but only in small quantities as a treat. If squirrels eat too many Brazil Nuts they can become kind of drunk and this could make them vulnerable to predators. As with most animal species a varied diet is essential to maintain health and vitality.