Dawn Chorus Berry Suet Nuggets
Berry Suet Nuggets

Cheep Berry Suet Nuggets

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Cereals, oils & fats, seeds, minerals, mealworms (1%)

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Cheep® Chorus Berry Suet Nuggets are a blend of cereals, suet, seeds, minerals and wild berries to provide wild birds with a high energy food source with calcium to help maintain healthy bones and feathers.

These Hi-Energy Suet Nuggets are suitable for all year round feeding and should appeal to a wide range of wild birds. They are ideal for use in many types of fatball feeders or specialist nugget feeders on the market but may also be used on bird tables and on the ground. They should provide a wide range of garden birds including Tits, Robins, Starlings, Sparrows, Finches, Wrens and Warblers a nutritious, high energy food source. Always site bird tables and feeders in locations safe from predators but close enough to cover, approx. 2m is considered best. Ensure plenty of fresh water is available, replace stale food and clean
feeding areas regularly.

A complementary food for wild birds these high energy suet nuggets are blended from high quality, nutritious ingredients intended to keep your feathered garden visitors full of energy and vitality. They are easily digestible for a wide range of birds from young to adult. It is recommended to feed birds all year round from the harsh
conditions of Autumn and Winter to the peak requirements of the breeding season in Spring and early Summer. Birds will come to rely upon the food you provide so it is important to maintain a regular feeding pattern.

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