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Chopped Walnuts For Wild Birds


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Twootz Chopped Walnuts are an ideal food source that will appeal to a wide range of wild birds throughout the year due to their high content of natural oils, protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Although walnuts are not a naturally occurring foodstuff for native birds, most species will readily accept them when offered and are ideal to help birds through harsh or demanding times.

Twootz Chopped Walnuts are rich in niacin, folate, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc to help maintain birds health. These finely chopped walnuts are ideal for feeding from bird tables and the ground, they may work from seed feeders but being high in natural oils may not free flow like seed mixes do.

7 Customer Reviews

Marilyn commented on 2018-04-18 16:42:47 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Very Good"

These crushed walnuts make a good alternative to crushed peanuts and will be better for the young birds as these are crushed much finer being oilier, meaning they won't choke as they can on peanuts.

Arshia commented on 2018-04-12 20:00:06 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Very Good"

It was the first time that I tried this product, but looks like the birds quite like it!

Andrea commented on 2018-04-03 15:22:58 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Very Good"

I have not bought these before and it took the birds a while to get used to the walnuts, but, after heavy and prolonged snow here in Scotland, they seem to be eating it quite happily.

Judith commented on 2018-03-22 19:41:53 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Very Good"

The squirrels adore them but only let them have a couple at a time as it makes them drunk.

Jimmy commented on 2018-03-20 17:56:51 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Average"

Birds taking a bit of time to start eating the crushed walnuts (1 week) have mixed with sunflower seed to try and get them used to different taste

eirwen commented on 2018-03-08 09:47:11 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Good"

the birds like these nuts, they are very busy at the bird feeder and these nuts seem to be the favourite item in the feeder

Jennifer commented on 2018-02-18 21:25:21 and rated Chopped Walnuts 12.55kg as "Very Good"

The birds and the 2 squirrel's that are living in my garden really love these chopped walnuts