Imperfect Coconut Halves
Imperfect Coconut HalvesImperfect Coconut Halves

Imperfect Coconut Halves Suet Feeders

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Cereals, suet, calcium, oils, fats, minerals and seeds.

Product Details

Coconut Halves are an all natural blend of suet, calcium and seeds to provide a wide range of wild birds a high energy food source. Coconut Shells are filled with fat, grains and seeds, perfectly formulated to attract a wide variety of wild birds. They are a nutritious food source throughout the winter and summer months.

These Imperfect Coconut Halves have broken strings as the result of a machinery issue during manufacturing, and some of them have partially cracked shells, hence the lower retail price. They're best placed on a bird table, or could be re-stringed.

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