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Squirrel Proof Dome Feeders For Wild Birds

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Moulded in strong clear polycarbonate with a metal support pole. Totally weather resistant and built to give years of good service. Plastic cover keeps feed dry during wet weather. Fully adjustable so you can choose which size of bird you want to feed.

Can be hung anywhere in your garden or feeding station. The dome can be lowered down to the feeding tray to close the unit when not in use and can be fixed anywhere on the pole to leave a maximum gap of 20cm.


  • Dome diameter 30 x 10cm

  • Base diameter 20 x 4cm deep

  • Pole 27cm

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2 Customer Reviews

David commented on 2017-05-09 21:21:22 and rated 2 x Squirrel Proof Dome Feeders For Wild Birds as "Very Good"

In spite of a poor review I still bought the pack of two. Glad I did they are great value. I already had some hanging feeders so by the end of the afternoon birds were feeding on it and after a few days it was regularly used. I raised the dome cover up as high as it would go, not low down as in the advert, the birds seem to prefer plenty of head space. The only modification I made was to squeeze the hook at the top closed and hang it up with a small spring clip, I have a windy garden and they would blow of the line without this mod.

Maurice commented on 2017-01-23 14:56:55 and rated 2 x Squirrel Proof Dome Feeders For Wild Birds as "Very Poor"

Seemingly good design, look impressive but our birds do not appreciate or enjoy.

Tried luring the birds with different foods - seed mixture, crumbled fat balls, meal worms and even covered the dome with green fabric (suggested by Twootz ) in case the reflection from the dome deterred the birds from approaching. Been up hanging for 16 days and only a single robin has ventured on it to eat.

Placed the second on the ground, for comparison. Pigeons were the first to try, quite tentatively, and then a blackbird but neither seem enthusiastic.

So, not a great success even though I still like the design. They do keep the food dry but do not encourage the birds to feed which I believe is the key objective.

Twootz Staff (Joey) replied on 2017-01-23 14:56:55

Many thanks for your detailed feedback on this. We have passed on your concerns to their manufacturers, and do apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

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