Super Premium With Fish And Potato Plus Allergy-X

Super Premium Dog Food With Fish And Potato Plus Allergy-X

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44% Fish (Salmon 18%, Salmon Meal 8%, Blended Fish Meal 8%, Trout 7%, Salmon Oil 1.65%, Salmon Gravy 1.65%) 36% Potato (Dried Potato 18%, Dried Sweet Potato 18%), Peat Starch 7%, Sugar Beet Pulp, Lucerne, Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Vitamins, Allergy-X

Product Details

Super Premium (With Fish And Potato) Allergy-x is a hypo-allergenic blend of fish and potato, formulated without grains or cereals. Contains allergy-x which may help to alleviate common skin issues.

For those dogs who suffer from an intolerance to grains or cereals this food is blended from salmon, trout, potato, vegetables, sunflower oil, minerals and vitamins and has added allergy-x, a blend of natural herbs, to help combat skin related problems in dogs.

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