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Niger Seed

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Niger Seed

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Niger (which can also be spelt Njger or Nyjer) seeds are small, black, oil-rich seeds from the Ramtil plant, native to Ethiopia. Closely related to sunflower seeds, Goldfinches, Siskins and Redpolls absolutely love them!

High in calories and oil, niger seed is a nutritious source of energy for backyard birds and is one of the most popular types of bird seed. A favourite of Gold and Green Finches and Sparrows.

Because Nyjer is such a fine seed, it should be fed from a Niger Seed feeder to ensure the seed is not accidentally spilled and wasted. Birds that prefer Nyjer are seed-eating species, typically with small, pointed bills that can easily manipulate such tiny seeds. Many Niger-loving birds are also called clinging birds because of their habit of acrobatically clinging to the sides of feeders rather than perching while feeding, and many of them can even eat upside down – habits that help them feed on the natural seeds of flowers.

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