Feral Pigeon
Scientific NameColumba livia
Fledge Days35-37
Incubation Days16-19
Lifespan3 years
Number of Clutches2-5
Number of Eggs1-2

Feral Pigeon Facts - Information About Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon - Columba Livia

The Feral Pigeon is an extremely common ancestor of the now rare Rock Dove. Most, if not all of our Feral Pigeons have adapted to ‘wild’ life from escaped racing pigeons, domestic pigeons - birds that have escaped from bird houses etc.
Pure Rock Doves still exist in the extreme North West of Scotland and Ireland.



  • The Feral Pigeon is similar in size to the Collared Dove - around 32 cm.Colouration however, is extremely variable.

  • Sexes are alike, as are young birds.

  • There is not one identifiable feature that is shown by all feral pigeons, they come in a huge array of colours and plumages.

  • Many look like original Rock Doves, dark grey (similar to Wood Pigeon) with two dark wing bars, glossy patches on the neck. Whilst others are solid grey, white and brown, chequered, black and white. The combination is endless.

  • The Feral Pigeon is The City/Town Pigeon.

  • Most plumages will show some sort of double wing bar.


  • Juveniles appear from March onwards; adults will breed whenever there is warmth in the weather and will often have up to 5 broods in a year.

  • They will nest on ledges and cavities in the city centres where temperatures are a little higher than the surrounding areas.

  • Young birds also have huge variation in plumage and are similar to adults, they lack the iridescent green neck patch and look a little paler headed, they have a dark bill and dark eye.

Status and Distribution

The Feral Pigeon is an abundant British breeding resident with well over 100 thousand pairs. The Feral Pigeon occurs in all counties and habitat types throughout the UK except for Northern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland where the genuine Rock Doves still occur, these nest on sea cliffs in desolate places.


Feral Pigeons occur in all habitat types throughout the UK, woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland, hedgerows, towns and Cities. They are not shy and will happily take food from the hand in many locations. They are not fussy eaters and will eat anything from McDonalds to grain and shoots!


The Feral Pigeons song is quiet, low and mournful, repeated ‘ proowoo…proowoo proowoo’.



The following food is favoured by Feral Pigeon