Live Waxworms
Live Waxworms

Live Waxworms / Wax Worms for Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Mammals

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Live Waxworms / Wax Worms

Product Details

Live Waxworms are the larvae of the Wax Moth. These plump white Wax Worms are raised on honey and wheatgerm, so they are highly nutritious and soft skinned.

Live Wax Worms should be offered from smooth-sided containers to ensure that they do not escape and disappear from the bird's view. Live Waxworms can be kept for several months if they are stored at the ideal temperature of 8 - 10°C with adequate food.

These Live Waxworms are suitable for feeding to any reptiles, amphibians, wild birds and insectivorous cage birds.

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